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Custom Sign
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Cedar Beam Logo Carving
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CNC machining (mainly with routers, lasers, and plasma) is now the standard method of signmaking. The ability to transform a company's logo from a hand sketch, to digital design, to a physical presence in our living environment with lasting precision is a powerful one.

In addition to signs for businesses, I also design and produce displays, flat-pack booths, shelving, plastic guards, and whatever your organization might need.

Motion / Automation

If you need something to feature motion, I can usually make this happen by working with electronics specialists to source, program, and test automation equipment that perfectly fits the parts I make for you.

Sign Design:

With your guidance, I can take your existing logo or help you design one and will generate a 3D rendering to help you visualize it before we make it. Also, if you need me to match a specific font to add wording to an existing logo, I can do that. I always recommend that we first cut small samples so that you can take them to your business or target location, temporarily position them, and view them from your target vantage to check for scale, legibility, and color, etc.

Signs and More:

I am able to make signage for any purpose:

  • Traditional wooden signs- painted and pre-drilled to mount using your choice of hardware.

  • Large or small lettering- painted and pre-drilled to mount (a spacing fixture can also be made to assist installation).

  • Lit signs- together we can design a sign to interact with any light sources.

Perhaps rather than a typical logo, you are interested in other promotional mediums.

I am able to design and produce:

  • Displays

  • Booths

  • Backdrops

  • Props

  • Hey, whatever you want to try...


Don't forget, I can also put your brand on almost anything. If you want to see your logo or motto carved into a conference room tabletop or anything else, that's what I'm here for.


My current machine is designed to mill wood, plastics, tooling board, foam, and nonferrous metals (such as aluminum, brass, copper, etc.). 

I do also have a 3'x4' laser that is better suited to cut many projects.

Keep in mind that my digital design work applies to ALL CNC MACHINES (laser, plasma, lathe, mill, water jet, 3D printer)-- My CAD designs have been sent out to plasma and waterjet shops for parts to be cut in steel to perfectly match and fit with my parts made in wood and plastic.

If you are in need, just give me a sign.


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