Beam Carving

Premium Pergola
Jeff Southerland of Proper Outdoor
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam
Cedar Beam Logo Carving




My machines are hungry- Please feed them!


Heavy pieces of wood are my favorite to carve. They offer a lot of depth for design possibilities and are fun to watch form.

The best thing about heavy material, however, is the presence that massive materials exude-- they can be felt almost tangibly as if they are themselves a force. Standing in front of an enormous mass that has been intricately decorated is an experience usually only had when entering a sacred space: castles, temples, gardens, hearths, etc.


Of course, these carved components can still be used as structural supports (see 2020 FW Home & Garden Show pergola by Proper Outdoor in reel above).

These carvings can be combined with lights to glow from within as well.


(Just some inspiration).