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Architectural Adornment

Ground Rug Stencil
Paper Bar Light
Carved Entry Door.
Sign and Facade.
Oak Table
Wall Art Panel
Succulent Wall Panel
Table Tops
Walnut Bar Concept
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam
6"x6"x8' Cedar Beam





Whether you need something new designed or something old replicated, I can help you create an interior or exterior with architectural adornments, structures, panels, or signage.

To achieve the feel that you want your visitors to experience, I can produce:

  • Beams (with carvings, painting, lighting, inlays, etc.)

  • Pergolas

  • Doors and doorways

  • Tiles and panels

  • Carvings, cornices, trim, and moldings

  • Sculptures

  • Signs

  • Room dividers, etc....

Devices , Gadgets, and Inventions:

I know there are people in this industry, especially, who have weird and crazy ideas (and I'm undoubtedly one).

I have experience in industrial electronic and mechanical design and I have a network of specialists capable of magic. Adding electronic automation, robotic arms, programmable controls, mechanical motion, lighting, sensors, effects, and so on is possible and I believe to be encouraged.

If you have a crazy idea and don't know who to call, I will help you identify the components, understand the necessary budget, and coordinate its production. In the case that I can't make it, I will at least help steer you in the right direction. Here is some inspiration:

  • Robot arm bartender

  • Controllable lightning storms

  • Secret passageways

  • Interactive lighting

  • Interactive games and entertainment

  • Anything to keep your visitors from ever being bored....


Just a reminder, my current machine is made to carve wood, plastics, soft stone, resin, foam, and nonferrous metals (such as aluminum).

If my machine won't cut a material we need, my CAD designs work universally on all CNC machines and will simply be sent out for the cutting of steel, glass, stone, or anything else, and should return ready to fit perfectly with my machine's products.

I also have a 3'x4' laser which in some cases is better for detailed carvings and engravings, especially regarding plastics.


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