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About the Owner


M.S. Community & Regional Planning

UT Austin School of Architecture 2017

B.S. Environmental Science

Texas Christian University 2013

Nik Papa, M.S.

Fort Worth native.

Researcher of sustainable global outcomes.

Patented inventor, licensed remote pilot.

I have built a machining business to fund further research and development of scalable efficiency-maximizing systems which outperform traditional city models.

I live in Fairmount and work in the Near Southside of Fort Worth and I love it here.

I can talk all day about education, village construction, permaculture, and equipment of all kinds.

If you have any interest in teaching or learning any skill, you're welcome to contact me--

I'm in the process of forming an adult cub scout troop (The Pub Scouts) and am looking for brave recruits who have what it takes to challenge themselves a little at anything they want, laugh and salute stupidly, and honor your sweet, members-only uniforms with lots of serious and not-so-serious badges. This is all to build the community and resource inventory which will supply the future tool-sharing and educational institutions of Fort Worth, TX, USA.



Papa Co. - Machining Division handles the digital manufacturing needs of a growing a civic institution. It leads in the effort to grow the other Divisions critical to the resettlement of underperforming systems of Fort Worth. I proudly manage this business to support Economic, Environmental, and Social (Equality) strategies which emphasize elimination of waste and implementation of sustainable infrastructure in Fort Worth.

     Many have come to know me through my continued efforts to establish a "Makerspace" in Fort Worth (similar to the excellent Dallas Makerspace). My Planning training and private research compel me to establish such a tool-sharing facility, not only to provide Fort Worth residents with efficient and affordable access to equipment and knowledge-transfer opportunities, but also to teach residents how to rewire their own neighborhoods to simultaneously produce wealth, reduce negative environmental consequences, and unlock vast potential for greater social equality (a pervasive city planning problem) with simple, concurrent strategies which I have distilled.

     All of the retired machinists and engineers in DFW who I have met tell me that they wish they could have both access to their industries' machines again and that they could have the chance to pass on their knowledge to young people who seeking guidance. Papa Machining grew from this person-to-person knowledge transferal and will honor this tradition by supporting growth of educational institutions (such as those prescribed by the "Community Campus" - Papa 2017) which provide opportunities for free, rapid-feedback learning not offered by any school or university I have ever attended but have always wished for.


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